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Now I may be out of line but as Shaun has quoted these were voted in for 1 year.

The changes were voted in for one year and they'll be reviewed at the AGM.

I too am listening to shooters' views at the GPs but if their views are to be fully known then it is important that they are heard at the AGM in November.

If you have a view for change, or not, then attend your regional meeting so your BFTA rep knows what his/her region wants.

Whilst not a completely active FT GP shooter (due to costs of ferry ) but I can see this year as a year of experimentation. Those that have shot at recent Worlds have come across the reduced kills. By introducing a limited number this year the BFTA are trying to gauge the response to them. Yes, some may feel that it is easier for the lower grades to compete but remember we were there once and can we remember how daunting they were then.

With regards the Standers, I would have preferred to have 3 lanes of each but seeing as I can not many of those at the moment I a happy with the 2 lanes . I see that the max total distance per lane is 70 and 60yds for kneelers and standers. However there is, as far as I can see, no mention of a maximum target distance so you could get on a standing lane a 10yd and a 50yd target.

To me that tells me either the courses are getting made to easy with the new regulations or we as shooters are getting to good........
Looking at the scores it could be seen that they are getting easier but then is it a case that the shooters are understanding the way their equipment is working in the various weather conditions. Time may tell and as I said earlier by trying these things this year the BFTA are able to say if things are good or not.

As Shaun has said speak to your local representative and voice you opinion so that it may be passed on. I will be speaking to mine after I have completed a few GP's (probably after Iceni) with my opinions that I would like passed on.

Must admit I am not 100 % sure about the reducers, especially at sub 10 yards would prefer them a bit further out - esp as I use scopes that won't PA that far down so it means I may have to look to get a new scope. Also would like to be tested on them for when wind comes into play.
Why should we not have the sub 10yd targets. Some FT shooters are limited in what they can spend on scopes but learn what they can and can not do. My Nikko will not go below 10yds but I have adapted by reducing the mag which then allows me to have aim points for 7, 8 and 9yds. Other club members do the same with the sub 10yd targets you are having to 'guess' the range a bit more but then is this the same as having a black target in a dark spot at a longish distance that one is difficult to find and then range find on. Fixed mags may be more difficult to get an aimpoint but is that not one of the challenges.

Those in the BFTA are never going to be able to satisfy all of its members but they are volunteers and try to make decisions that they believe will bring the shooters and competitions forward. However they can only do what they think is best with the information they are informed of.

When I first started doing some GP's in the 90's I actually enjoyed the 1 marshal per lane as you got to speak and know the other competitors. I know that it is probably impossible now as those that shot first had the 'advantage' of a clean target. The shotgun system works as you are put with shooters you do not know and then able to meet and make friendships that way.
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