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Originally Posted by JAGXKRS View Post
Have a look here mate

There is a 30 shot HFT comp on a week Sunday 12 Jun when there will be a few of us there. It is a trek but well worth it, drop me a PM if your coming and you can gun share if you have not got one already.
Sounds fantastic, thank you for your hospitality!! I'm pretty sure I am free that weekend so I will stay in touch for sure.

with regards to the below, what sort of money are we talking for this set up? how long would that last me before I would need to upgrade? how does that compare to a Mk4 with electronic trigger etc? am I really better holding out until I can afford a good deal on a Mk4 with scope etc and then be done for a fair period of time? or do you think this would be a good set up to start with for the money and that I wouldn't notice the electronic side at my level?

Many thanks


There is a very good Daystate MK3 for sale at Devizes Ranges (think its got an SR6 on top??) that is a proven gun (Its the one gun Chris Coombes admits he should not have sold), drop me a PM if you go over and I'll come and give you a hand. Can't make it Saturday cos I'm shooting the UK Matchplay but Friday afternoon would be good.

Your looking for a .177 PCP so some idea's are
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