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Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post
I have heard a few people say they are getting bored with the number of reducers that have been used already, personally IMO it's the MUST BE used rule that is the restrictive/obtrusive element, might be better to say MAY BE used but not essential or a requirement therefore the course builder has more options.
There could be none,one or two 15mm, and/or none right up to eight 25mm but I do think using the smaller kills has added a new dimension to a GP course and a better mix/balance for all grades of shooters involved, no clearances... yet!
Spot on Conner.... I have to build a course now that reflec's the use of reducers and not to the best of what the terrain can offer at East Devon for this years course. The set lane distance rule for the standers and kneelers is wrong aswell in my opinion, Gp's are supposed to test the best FT shooters in the world not make it easier for C or B grade shooters to hit a stander or Kneeler. To many are coming in with big scores now, It was not long ago a GP could be won on a 43, now you are lucky if you win it on a 48 with several shooters on the same score, To me that tells me either the courses are getting made to easy with the new regulations or we as shooters are getting to good........
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