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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
For me, I'm not keen on them being mandated. I'm of the feeling that targets should be used when suited, and that different flavours are good.

The 15mm's are good, and i found the lane around 4-5 where there was a 25 and 15 quite daunting. As was the one up the tree at Tawd.

But I'm not too keen on the close ones at 8.5 yds or 9.5 which seem to have a vertical strike pattern, suggesting these were more about the technical issue of ranging or dialing. I've heard many say they haven't got a setting for x distance, which is fine and one can expect an advantage in doing that range, but i'm not sure the point of target is to just get you doing something technical. Same with the requirement for 50ft adapters or scopes that come down below 10m.

For me, 15mm's come into their own when positioned for wind, where a 25mm would see everyone hanging on an edge, a 15mm will force you to think about shot placement rather than playing the odds. So the strike pattern should be horizontal. But that won't happen every time or on every course, so that's why i'm not so keen on them being mandated.
Spot on Rob
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