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Originally Posted by sculleymarsh View Post
Hi everyone, shot my first 'real' air rifle at the daystate stand at Hiclere castle this weekend on what I think was an HFT comp layout?!?.........mmmmmmmmmm, have to say I think I'm officially hooked to this fun and games already. had a few hobbies and know that once you start their is always an upgrade available. on a serious note, how much is it going to cost me to begin to compete with a rifle,scope etc that will give me the performance level required to be cutting the mustard? (providing I Haven't got two left fingers that is ) new or used too as an initial set up?
Thanks for any advice that can steer 'new boy' in the right direction
There is a very good Daystate MK3 for sale at Devizes Ranges (think its got an SR6 on top??) that is a proven gun (Its the one gun Chris Coombes admits he should not have sold), drop me a PM if you go over and I'll come and give you a hand. Can't make it Saturday cos I'm shooting the UK Matchplay but Friday afternoon would be good.

Your looking for a .177 PCP so some idea's are

Budget AirArms 400, Hawke SR6
Mid Daystate MK3, Bushnell/EB Sniper
High end Daystate MK4/Walther/Steyr, Leupold
Ostler EV2/Leupold MK4
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