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Originally Posted by sculleymarsh View Post
Hi everyone, shot my first 'real' air rifle at the daystate stand at Hiclere castle this weekend on what I think was an HFT comp layout?!?.........mmmmmmmmmm, have to say I think I'm officially hooked to this fun and games already. had a few hobbies and know that once you start their is always an upgrade available. on a serious note, how much is it going to cost me to begin to compete with a rifle,scope etc that will give me the performance level required to be cutting the mustard? (providing I Haven't got two left fingers that is ) new or used too as an initial set up?
Thanks for any advice that can steer 'new boy' in the right direction
Hi Sculley,

Well what a weekend that was, very busy on our stand to say the least.We had approx 500 people come through and try out Daystate guns and try there hand at H.F.T.

It was a UKAHFT spec course but a mini version, instead of the 30 shots you will find at a H.F.T comp we use 10 at the Countryman shows due to size of the land they give us and time it takes to give training on gun handling and showing people what H.F.T is all about.

I was chuffed to bits when I saw your post because we all work very very hard on these events and to see all our hard work pay off is great, hope to see you on the UKAHFT circuit soon.
As you have seen already by the post's you have recieved, everyone is willing to help and point you in the right direction ( these chap's are top shooters and do the national circuit regularly) .

As Chris has said already Quarry should be near you ( the mecca of all thing's H.F.T' ish.).
We had some Treetops leaflets on our stand, did you pick one up? Also if you collected one of our flyer's you will see I have put on there a few websites plus if you go on the UKAHFT site and look for Club Finder it will help.

I would just like to say THANK-YOU to everyone for there help at these events..with out you it wouldn't happen.

Bruce and the Wife

Cambridge Airgun Club
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