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Originally Posted by dutoitk View Post

Do they have a minimum age limit for the safety course.
ie. will juniors be allowed to attend.
The issue of Juniors is one we still have to investigate.

In NZ, anyone between the ages of 16 to 18 must have a License to possess an air rifle, PCP or springer. The same requirements for a safety course will apply......(your own SA firearms competency certificate). That is to bring it in. However, if they are entirely supervised on the range during the competition, they may still compete, even if an adult/License holder brings it in for them. Any person approved for a Visitors License can bring any number of rifles with them but once within the borders, any unlicensed person must be under close supervision of a Licensed person to use it.

So I would suggest that a Junior should have a parent/guardian who has gone through the process for a visitor License, and then can "caddy" for them. Also where this situation applies for juniors we will have to assign squad members to supervise during the shoot if the parent/guardian is also competing. It will have to be a squad member who agrees to perform this duty of supervision.

We will do our best to enable participation within our new laws. It just means better communication between the shooters and us as organizers, in both directions........and a fair bit of patience on entrants' part.

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