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Originally Posted by TeamZ View Post
Hi chaps,

After a long break and constant hassling to get another FT Review done, I am on the case.

Home and work life has taken its toll over the past 18 months so I just didnt have time, however, after a break I feel I am now in a position to give it another go. In order to keep my enthusiasm up, it will be very much image driven with text that will really just back up the info that is put up on sites like this, so a big thanks to all those who make the effort to keep everybody up to speed via that method. It will be a fresh new look, a bit designer for some I suspect but lets give it a go!

So, I will have one out before the next GP so you can all see who is leading what, kit used and get another reminder of some great courses that we have shot so far.

Thanks for the support, hope you like the result.



Really pleased your starting up the FT review again.

Still look at those back issues on the disc you gave me , think they are brilliant to see peoples progression & the kit changes over the years.

Keep up the good work mate, I for one think it's worth the effort.

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