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Default Pellet problems - More interesting news !!

Hi All

Since starting this thread I have had no end of F.T. shooters coming to me and discussing there pellet problems, and that the variation with different production batchs (batch to batch) is a constant source of frustration and difficaulty.

There have been a number of E Mails between myself and Pavel Kolebac at J.S.B. concerning these problems, he has been extreamly helpful and has passed on some interesting facts, which are :-

1) J.S.B. control the quality and cosistancy of each individual batch, with dimensional tests and grouping tests at 50 metres in there testing tunnel, the grouping specification is 12mm centre to centre, testing is carried out at the British legal limit (12 ft pounds)

2) There is no actual comparision between production batches, as long as each batch passes the tests it is deemed as O.K. So if they drop lower, lift higher or vary from batch to batch this would not be picked up.

It would seem that J.S.B. were not fully aware of the frustration and problems caused to F.T. shooters by batch to batch variations, however they are now !

Pavel is now going to involve there engineers and press tooling suppliers to address the problem, he says he will keep me informed of any progress that is made.

I am sure that if J.S.B. can solve this batch variation problem, they would become the "holy grail" pellet manufacturer. LETS HOPE THEY CAN SOLVE IT !

John Waterfield
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