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Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post
Does one require a firearms safety course to bring a shotgun or centrefire rifle to NZ as well or is it just PCP airirfiles?

Under new New Zealand law PCP air rifles are now in the same class of firearms as shotguns, rimfire, centrefire (sporting configuration). To bring one of the A category firearms into the Country it is required that you hold a similar Licence to possess that firearm in your own country.

For RGB's that do not have Lic requirements for 12 ft/lbs air rifles:

..... we have been advised by the Police vetting service that for air rifles (pcp only) since there are no similar Lic requirements in the UK and USA etc etc, each application will be taken on its merit, given the intended purpose of importing it for the WFTF Worlds.

Have a (relatively) clean criminal history, be a bona fide member of your RBG, and complete a firearms safety handling course in your own country (needs to be documented and evidenced), and it should be a straightforward application be approved for a visitors Lic/import permit.

Note that the requirement is for a firearms safety handling course, not an actual licence to be held. Will that be a problem to complete such a course in the next 2 and a half years? The local safety training course applied to the Lic application for NZ residents is a very very basic one. You MUST have something similar?????


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