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Originally Posted by loopyloo View Post
Guess the others felt they couldnt hold it at all yet with the current climate and gun law.

i for one would find it difficult to raise money fast enough for new zealand next year but two years i have enough time to rob banks and be sentenced and be out before we go

i am sure someone who knows the reason will be a long to give you the proper picture im just avoiding doing housework

Pretty much in a nutshell, that was NZAFTA thinking. More time required for those wanting to come being able to pre the requirement to complete a firearms safety training course to satisfy the legal requirements to enter NZ with a PCP air rifle.

Timing is everything. We were not expecting to be hosting before 2016, but knew there was a chance of one or two pulling out........but 2012 was just too soon logistically. Its not that WE couldn't organise it in time, but we felt shooters could not afford the trip at such short notice.

Attendance is everything,......we do not want a repeat of some past years where 100 shooters turned up, and most of them domestic members. New Zealand is a truly great destination, but in the current financial climate, selling of organs might take time to finalise.

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