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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
The post may seem it was mainly aimed at people who win all the time, but believe me its not, but what we need to do is just keep the standard up as some clubs pay 150 plus for the trophies and some about 20, and imagine you winning your first trophy and its small bit of plastic and then the next round Joe Bloggs wins one and its some nice crystal.

And your 100% right its taken part is the main thing but hope you understand where we are coming from.

That's what i meant to say in my earlier post.

I didn't mean to offend anyone at Rivi...but you do see my point when comparing what the winner at Tawd got compared to the winner at Rivi.??

It's hard to post in this without seeming a bit arrogant, i know i've had a good season and it seems crass to whine about how big trophies are when you're winning plenty.....i still remember my first trophy and the rush i got when going to collect it, that rush is still there. I hope everyone gets the chance to experience that. And when it is your turn you'll get something worth popping on the mantle piece.
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