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Default Going green(ish)

Hmmm ! taboo subject this amongst those of us in the pursuit of precision ... lead pellets Leave as is I say but we need to do some head banging to make our targets a bit greener (No, no Berty - I don't mean spray 'em a nice minty colour..that's not helping at all...). I've posted some pictures of a target, with anti-splatter modifications, and a collector from the shrapnel on our web-site ('cos I don't know how to do it on here..). This, in theory, would take approx. 15 minutes per target, costs next to bugger all, and assuming that the average hit rate from a competion is about 70% from a competition (all grades included in the total), we're going to be recirculating nearly three quarters of a tin Now, what YOU guy's need to do is come up with a solution for the face plate, for those plonkers who keep missing ahem ! Ive thought about a serrated steel matting on the face plate, but this would put off a lot people. I hope derek P is reading this too - 'cos he's a clever bloke and am sure he'll be jumping in with both feet ! What have you got ?
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