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Originally Posted by scutter View Post

I am very chilled out and I will point out, it is not me criticizing another clubs members on an open forum.

As stated, I enjoyed the day, but I should not be made to feel guilty if I chose not to post anything on a website.

Sorry you guys at THW are so upset.

Hi Gary
With reference to ( Sorry you Guys at THW are so upset)

I can asure you the club members at thw probably dont give a toss. I was only trying to get some feedback from other clubs who were there on that day. Mainly because it was the first time we had held a big comp
at Thw . And that myself and my wife had spent alot of time sorting the event out , And as THW club has
been suggested in the past and quite recently, that we arent " all that" and not worth a look( By someone from another club) ,i just wanted to make sure it was a great day had by all . And not someone slagging off my club. like normal.We at thw worked bloody hard on that day and im so sorry that asking if if the top shooters of the day enjoyed themselves has got your back up! It seems your instantly on the defensive this week going by other posts that are on here too. Hence thats why we suggested you chill out!



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