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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
Sorry Sixshooter

but only one of your members has posted on here so maybee you should speak to your own people first before having a go at M.A.D. I believe that the reason shooters from mad have not posted, is we did not want to rub it in, that we beat you so badly.

Also, it does not help, when people like (smellmybum) make sarky comments about Maldon.

I had a good day and it was a great cause, but I personally do not like shooting through bluebells as it makes it more about luck then skill. I have written the piece up for airgunner and it will be in the issue out on 1st of August and I am sure you will be happy with it.

all the very best

Hi Gary,
With reference to smellmybum, who the hell is he, he's nothing to do with THW. With reference to only one of our members commenting about the day, as far as I am aware there is only a couple of our members on this forum as most post on the other one.
As it was for the Essex Air Ambulance, it would have been nice to know that all our efforts to raise such a pleasing amount for them, had been worthwhile and that everyone was happy with the outcome.

Just to note, we were not being sarky to mad members your always welcome at our club, so chill out chilli!
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