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Yes Rob, 2013 will be a bit curly due to new primary legislation covering PCP air rifles in New Zealand. It does not affect spring/ piston air rifles however.

Visitors to New Zealand wishing to bring a PCP air rifle of any energy level must apply for a Visitors firearms license. We have been advised by the Police vetting service that holding a Firearm Lic in your own country is not necessarily a strict requirement, but at the very least being a member of the local RGB, and having completed a firearms safety competency course equivalent to our own is required.

Application for the Visitors Lic can be made 12 months beforehand, this should allow sufficient time for a successful application to be made prior to booking flights/accomodation and registration. The visitors Lic acts as the import permit, and at the airport a small fee is payable for the paperwork to be completed.

Applications must be made online to the Police website. We are not permitted to do the application for you. There is no cost at the time of application, the fee is payable on landing at the border. (NZ$40)

Once in the Country, the PCP air rifles will have to be securely stored, compliant with the Arms Act, meaning if the accommodation does not have secure storage, we will store it in a central armoury at the venue.

It is envisaged that this process of arranging a visitor Lic will be the worst part of registration, but can be done well in advance.

Venue still under consideration.

Also no surprises on rules changes etc planned. WFTF core rules apply, and BFTA rules are compatible with NZ code.

In the meantime, we wish Italy and Norway the best for their events, and competitors " Bon Chance".

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