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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
With this years attitudes with some shooters we still havenít decided if the event will go ahead next year as its just not worth the hassle and grief.

But if the World Championship remains in the UK for 2012 this is what is needed.

2 separate clubs to volunteer to set up both courses, you will need to bring your own targets and also give up your time for 4 days to set it up, Quarry will not be volunteering for this.

Marshals to turn up when they are expected to, this has happened every year and some people have had to do double their share.

Shooters who are unhappy with anything not to kick off or show off during the event, if this ever happens again at any shoot not just the World Championships, these shooters will be kicked off the course without hesitation no matter who they are or think they are.

People to come onboard to share the work load before and during the event, unlike before the first year when we had a group of 10 people with a job each yet never lifted a finger or even bothered to turn up for the Worlds.

The decision that if the Worlds will go ahead will be made in the next couple of months so people will have plenty of time to arrange things.

Excuse my ignorance, but what was there to be unhappy about at this years Worlds? I have attended all three and IMHO the latest was the best yet, from signing in to the end, it appeared to be the best organised, with the best set courses, will be a shame if it doesn't continue.
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