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Default My reply to Dave Hatfield

My opion only I asked what people thought about prices at shoots I thought the price that I paid on Sunday was to expensive .
I have owned 3 snack wagons,two cafes and at the moment own a fast food take away and with that past expierance that is why I posted about the price of food at shoots.
The word Wendover was not mentioned by me in my post about the food prices.
By reading your post Dave you mention something about me putting my apron down and making sure that targets work,is that something to do with the price of burgers or a new sausage thats on the market.
You will have to tell us on this forum what you mean as I cant dream of what you are trying to say.
cheers Ian

Also about the high horse ,please dont think our burgers are made from HORSE MEAT and if that jockey told you so hes a lier

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