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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I felt very sorry for Lurch failing the chrono, however, I am now left with a quandary.

On Wednesday,Lurch congratulated me on my recent win and said as a joke "You do well at shoots without chronos"

So the question is, should I take the xxxx to a biblical level or just take the xxxx normally??
yes gary you are right mate i did make a comment to that effect
how stupid do i feel now , well done griggzy great post i did lmao
the ammount of people i have chuckled at on this thread is unbelievable ,so i guess it had to be
my turn soon

well now that i have had that misshap you ALL need to watch your backs as i cant balls up no more
so be warned ill be back with 110% focus nxt month

griggzy your getting it you swine


would just like to appoligise to my team mates at M.A.D for the no score i put in ,i will try my upmost to
redeem myself soon

M.A.D for it

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