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Conor had my VX3 end of Jan one of the last **** Thomas did before he died in 2005, now in Hungary. That was GEN2 as well.
Slap a two targets and newspaper out at 60 yards and see how it performs. You may find there is a limit to which it will come down to, above scope 57 yards 2 foot then it blacks out - nothing. So set above like 58 1/2+.

**** stated they all vary in what they will focus down to, anything from 15 to 18 yards.
Above scope set to 60 would come down to 15 yards 2 foot. With 50ft adapter about 8 yards to 14 yards 1 ft. Easilly get a shot off on 10mm kills you know its in between.

Dare say the cam/curly whirly can be modded on the VX3 if the erector tube will handle it.
Usually the lower you can keep it the better but it dont always work.
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