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Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
Make sure you sell them to someone you can trust - it's heart breaking when you sell something you treasure only to end up in the hands of a butcher :-(
I know exactly what you mean, Lee.

LSR / Scoch - I had kind of decided on the SR during the week, but took it to the club on Thursday for a quick plink and came away wondering why I'd ever bought another gun, it is stunningly accurate.

I kind of agree with Rob, the TX would be easiest to replace and to honest, the TX is probably favorite right now, but on the other hand, that is probably the one that I personally have put most into.

Willbe - Keep them all, eh? I think this guy has a point

As for you lot that would swap them for another heartless pcp, you should be ashamed of yourselves

I still dunno.....

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