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I have read through these replies, haven't seen all the others yet but feel they will be similar.

I am not sure if I am out of order here but I am going to say what I intend to anyway.
By the way, as for the chrono, it is supplied by the BFTA

I have taken snippets from the replies and am replying to each in turn.

Snip No 1
It takes about 6 hours to put a gp course and about 2 hours to check which i can only guess it was not because of all the stopages

The fact is it took 4 people 4 days plus an additional 6 people on the 5th day.
The people who put the course out have been doing so for several years and every course you will have shot at Tawd vale in the past, these people would have put it out. can you remember previous shoots?
I will add that we do not normally use this part of the ground as it is normally used by scouts only, so is new to all of us.

Snip No 2
shoot again' you really want to go back to somewhere that has a complete disregard for the rules?

The rules were not disregarded simply not understood, I put the new rules up on the Tawd site 4 weeks prior to the event and was of the understanding they were taken on board, but aparently not.

Snip No 3
As far as I know there were people there the day before, but the people I spoke to didn't get out of the car due to the rain. If there were others there, i am not sure.

I was there and I know what happened. We who turned up to give final help were assured everything was fine. These same people have put out courses before see above, so had no reason to question them.

I as Chairman of the NWFTA take full responsibility for what has happened and can only offer my sincere apologies with the assurance that this will never happen again.

I have given our 2 course inspectors more powers to ensure this will never ever happen again.
I will be at the meeting, so come along and have a go at me if that will make you feel better, I will answer all questions as honestly as I can.
Sam Barr NWFTA Chairman
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