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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
I Suppose myself travelimg around 200 miles round trip and for many more people twice that and more and expecting a course to be set out correctly is a bit much. I only spent 2 hours after being there for 8 hours on the saturday then arriving at 6AM and checking EVERY off the fifty targets on sunday morning at our GP is a bit much i wholly accept i am out of order and my expectatiions where to high.
No, it's not the expectations, it's the idea that if they are not met the whole event has to be torn up and regarded as a complete failure... a failure for the club and region, for the shooter and for the BFTA... that's how it's coming across to me... there is no air for failure there. That is too much, in my opinion.

If the problem is not to be repeated, then the cycle needs to be broken. That means coming up wth a solution. In the absence of a solution, the problem will continue. It doesn't matter what the penalty is if the problem can still exist... if we look to what can reduce the likelyhood of the problem occuring again, we have moved forward. Changing the penalty means nothing, we could say the course setter's hands could be cut off, but if someone makes a mistake, like moving a line back too far to enable disabled shooters to see a target, then that problem can occur again. What we need to do is look at what the issues were, how the ideal should be, why it wasn't and how we make it less likely to occur next time.
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