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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
Right theres alot of talking going on about the course Sunday and to be honest I am getting sick to the teeth of it....

As what was said Sunday, it was a big mistake on the course set up I agree, but once the targets had been shot and then queried theres not alot that can be done.......

Main thing is too ensure regions and clubs know the rules and abide by them from now on.

If you cant wait until the BFTA meting in June then theres not much more I can say about trying to get it sorted. If you lads who got alot to say about the course on Sunday would like to step upto the mark and get your voice heared then you know where to go to make that happen.

For myself it was a 400 mile round trip, if it then becomes just an open then lads Im afraid to say I might as well turn my back on GP's. There were alot of faults on the course yes, if the new rules (which alot of you have not been happy with) were not put into place then the course on Sunday would have been the usual course that we have shot for years.

Can you give the BFTA a chance to resolve the issue and reprimand either the region or the club for what happened Sunday. If you cant then maybe we should look t the structure of the whole sport and let YOU lads who got big opinions sort it out yourselves, it seems you have enough to say on here but dont want to get involved for the BFTA when peoples voices are needed.................!!!!!!!!

Maybe Ive got my rant off my chest now, but in my opinion you need to at last let the BFTA sort this issue that came up from Sunday's shoot.

One thing I will say is though, for the few who have said should it be classed now as just an open, who is going to refund myself for the cost of the weekend?? I put alot of time into the sport to try and improve it, if thats stands, then my time will be put to better use in other things..........

Couldn't agree more.....

400 miles for me too, and if people manage to get that shoot changed to an open, thereby taking away GP points from those that turned up and shot their socks off (not me!) I personally will never be spending money to attend another.

It disappoints me to read this stuff on an internet forum, and I imagine it takes the shine off of a great weekend for quite a few people, especially those that have done exceptionally well. Why should they, the people that spend their money supporting FT, have their acheivement dulled by suggestions of having the points taken away? Regardless of whether this or that target was wrong according to the rules, they coped with the situation better than everyone else, they've earned the points.


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