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Sure, the people who put on a course should know if it's correct or not. And it should be an expectation that it is done correctly. But despite the will, there is the reality that mistakes are made. If an external bit of help can solve that, then I don't see the issue, an objective set of eyes can help.

The reality being of the event not being what is wanted, we need to look at what we want, how we achieve that, and have checks in places so we don't repeat our mistakes and improve the situation for the next time.

If it were me putting on a national event, for whatever format of the day, i'd personally love a check list of common things to check, and to have someone come around and ok it. I really would.

Unfortunately, there is a big load of grey, and you can't run rules to every black and white eventuality... so you need someone to stick their neck out and advise what is ok, and what is not... and sign it off. If it's signed off, it's signed off.

For example, in the rules, how is a target to be measured..? is it the horizontal distance... so elevated targets have to be measured along the ground (which could reduce their 'distance')? or the distance straight to the target at any an angle, in which case we could have standers 2 feet away and 8 yds directly above our heads... perdantic, yes... but if we want a x max distance, we should state how it's going to be measured especially if we are suggesting an event be pulled because it was 1 thou over distance. We all know roughly what target distance means and the accuracy it should be measured to, but it's not written down, and you can still punch a hole through it if it was.

I can spend all day picking at rules to pull them apart to make the sore even bigger, but it don't get us actually anywhere. What I think does is to recognise an issue, offer help and advice to solve it, rather than penalties to batter it to death with. Now granted there may be a motive for sensationalism to get a point discussed, but I don't think anyone is shying from the issue.

I think Tawd is an excellent venue, and would love to see more stuff there. I don't think the potential of that ground is truly tapped yet, and hope one day we have a dry shoot up there, and no hiccups, then everyone will be happy.
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