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I see it is still the same old crap but another few years on from the Great Emley Moor Fiasco :-)

Simple solution - if there is an error on the course, the hosting club has to pay a percentage of the money they get from the entries back to the BFTA as a penalty, or they are 'blacklisted' for a set period before they can hold another shoot.

How can there be any excuse for mistakes of this nature given the fact the rules are written down in plain English? I can tell you one thing, if I turn up to an ISSF or NSRA shoot and don't follow the rules, I will generally be on the way home pretty sharpish!

I don't shoot FT anymore, so maybe I cannot comment, but still I remember the time when this happened on a few occasions and clubs were treated with a degree of leniency because of the 'oh, they won't hold a shoot again' you really want to go back to somewhere that has a complete disregard for the rules?

My opinion, that's all
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