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"We must remember there is a shed load of work beyond putting the targets out, but many of us already know that. But vetting a 50 shot course isn't a 5 min job"Tawd vale put the course out they should ensure it is correct not the BFTA..This is what i ment by being forced, It takes about 6 hours to put a gp course and about 2 hours to check which i can only guess it was not because of all the stopages,If a region is going to hold an event the course should be set to the rules if they do not know the rules they should not put an event on .At the start of the second session no decission was even made as to the over length targets and there is nothing in the rules stating what the outcome of a course that is not set to the rules.You are quite right about 165 people travelling to the GP and not wasting money so surely i should expect a course to be set out to a set of rules that i am expected to shoot it to maybe i am wrong.
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