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I'll break this down, cos I don't quite follow the emotion behind it...

Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
So Who FORCED Tawd vale to hold the GP?
Dunno, who said they were?

Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
and only hear say so i do not know the truth but i was told that certain FT shooters where not even allowed to check the course i only hope this is not true
I don't understand the issue, more to the point made in making it if you don't know it's true or not? Why not ask the BFTA? As far as I know there were people there the day before, but the people I spoke to didn't get out of the car due to the rain. If there were others there, i am not sure.

Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
Here is a question why did the course have to be so spread out 4 and a half plus hours but then again 2 years ago it took 5 hours so i suppose that is a improvement
I'm not sure how long it took in the afternoon, I think the morning session started a little late, but finished before 12.30 or around then. I seem to remember thinking the afternoon session wouldn't fire the first shot until 2 pm, but left around 1.30 ish. I'm not sure line length has a bearing on duration of course, more stoppages. In the morning there were a few early on, and one long one because a line had been shot.

I don't remember it taking 5 hours 2 years ago, but then i cannot be sure.

Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
and why does the BFTA have to vet a course they did not put it out
Because people make mistakes, else we could have every single shoot not legal...? Seems sensible that if the BFTA are going to have rules that mean that 165 people could be wasting their time and money if the shoot gets scrapped, then it might be worth someone casting an eye over it beforehand.

Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
and are the points going to stand because the course was not set out to the GP rules that where bought in for this year unto which "These are the rules for this season and they will not be changed for anyone" by the BFTA standard this was not a GP course you either play by the rules or you do not which way are we going to have it.
What does it say in the rules about how things should be? What is the penalty it mentions specifically for an illegal target or lane? Does it say the shoot is ruled a non event?

Are you seriously suggesting that any rule infringement means the competition is void? If one person does one thing wrong the whole lot is scrapped? Or are you making the point that the rules need to be better and better enforced?
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