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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Ok guys, I was going to do a little report on GP2 beforehand, but this has got ahead of my schedule and looks set to derail other the threads, i'll lets grasp the nettle...

Firstly, the most efficient way for a gripe to get handled in a positive way is to chuck it privately up the chain to the next in line of organisation, or to the head of the chain. All the BFTA's contacts are on the site, and they get back pretty quick.

Talking about it on a forum i don't have a problem with per se, but it can be misinterpreted, and although it's a good way of letting your peers know how you feel, with chinese whispers it can snowball and create ill feeling.

If we want to make things better, gripes go up the chain, not sideways.

Although I haven't passed my comments up the chain yet, i will air them anyway cos...

The courses should be vetted ideally. We must remember there is a shed load of work beyond putting the targets out, but many of us already know that. But vetting a 50 shot course isn't a 5 min job, and even though I was only 16 miles away, a 6:30 start still didn't see me take a shot until 8:30 on the plinking range, which means that a vet would probably have to be done the day before. That adds more resource demands on the BFTA organisers. That can be reduced by others pitching in to help... there were a number of shooters there the day before I hear, I suspect the same could be said of many shoots. What I think is too much is to ask those that are already gut busting (the host club and BFTA) to do more without getting offered any help to do so. As much as the way things should be, there is the way they are, and there's normally a good reason for that, and I don't think lazyness is a factor

Also, remember that when you've been up for several hours, have worked hard the day before, and it's not the best of weather, things can get stressy.

If we are going to have rules, then I think they should not interfere with the play of the day. And in any event, they should not penalise people so that people who have hit less targets end up better off than people who have hit more. That's just my view. I know that may come across as being skewed because I could have lost a win, but I would not liked a win the other way around for certain.

Lastly, which is a point that is better aired, firing line ettiquette, in my opinion is getting a little loose. When emotions are running a little higher than usual, it's all too easy to raise the volume, i've done it, we've all done it... but when someone is on tricky shot, desputing how the world should run 2 meters away I don't think is that fair. It doesn't matter if it's an AA or a C grader, I think we could just pay a little more respect to those that are neither aware or concerned at that moment in time as to what someone's views are. Hyprocritical i am sure, and banter is a part of the day, but all the same. I wasn't put off, it was someone else I was more concerned for.

I'm sure the hiccups can be smoothed out for the future with the will to make them work.

I thought the course was quite good, but I was so zoned out with manflu that i was a little disconnected. I enjoyed the target positions, it seemed every target needed thought, and I think there was enough for everyone.

I think Tawd is a lovely place to shoot, has fantastic potential and I'd love to have that around the corner from me... i'd also like to keep shooting there in the future. So I'd like to pass on my thanks for the day.

Oh and next year, can we please have a dry one?

And really lastly, there was a noticeable gap in the stats tent... I hope SteveH is doing well...

Oh and really really lastly... something needs to be done about no-shows... prepay or penalty of losing booking access or something. The online facility that Steve sorted is great, but when a GP books out in 24 hours and then there's no shows then it's not fair on everyone who would have liked to go but couldn't and on the club for lost revenue.

There, you have it... roll on GP 3, should be interesting... never shot there, and the series is looking hot, with some new faces being very consistent at the top and some others throwing in some random scores, and the big names quietly grinding away in the background. We shall see...
So Who FORCED Tawd vale to hold the GP?, and only hear say so i do not know the truth but i was told that certain FT shooters where not even allowed to check the course i only hope this is not true,Here is a question why did the course have to be so spread out 4 and a half plus hours but then again 2 years ago it took 5 hours so i suppose that is a improvement, and why does the BFTA have to vet a course they did not put it out and are the points going to stand because the course was not set out to the GP rules that where bought in for this year unto which "These are the rules for this season and they will not be changed for anyone" by the BFTA standard this was not a GP course you either play by the rules or you do not which way are we going to have it.
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