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went through about 8-10 fps higher than normal, so did another shooter in my party with same rifle, yet other shooter in my party with same rifle seemed low... all 3 of us had different muzzles...

did see the chrono being operated with guns going in at an angle rather than horizontal, so I stepped in and corrected that for the shooters with us and before us, but I thought we'd see the thing from GP1 again...

seemed my rifle does register fast in damp weather (well, it's been high on two rainy shoots in memory, but there only has been 2 rainy GP's)... but if it's as high as it says it was next weekend, it will be getting dialled down... 3 fps margin is way too tight for my liking!

my clicks haven't changed, and i'm normally fairly prissy about then to 1/8th moa... but then i was so snotty i only took 3 shots on the plinking range and they seemed roughly on and that's about as much enthusiasm i had at that point.

like Neale says, been done to death... i'm probably not helping by even commenting...
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