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Originally Posted by LAity View Post
I get to use my sidewheel at last...not that i know what to do mind....I reckon this will be a right laugh. I am really looking forward to it. So its HFT then a spot of FT after?? is that right??

The side wheel will make the ultra look even smaller

From my experience with my fellow Bisley FT'ers you find the biggest wheel you can, spend hours sat on ya bum moving it a fraction at a time covering it in litte stickers with numbers.....then wait till it rains go out and all the stickers and numbers either come off or the ink runs!

I no longer feel inadequate with my little s400 when I shoot club FT sporting I just mock those with the bigger guns and twiddles who cant shoot the 55 any better than me.

Although I do respect the seating postition once I sit I stay there until those I have mocked see fit to pick me back up! Prone all the way I say!

HFT or FT as long as I can get muddy I dont care!
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