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Default Mils ?

I don't do mils . but i keep my scope at three and a half inches line of flight to line of sight . it took me some years to get this right . having taken one of my scopes up to 6 inches above the barrel at one time . the advantages are obvious . you have a head up sight picture . so the your wind pipe is in a straight line and tension on the neck nerves is less . the best bit is that it flattens the trajectory between 45 and 55 . thus making range finding errors less of a problem . the bad bit is the close ones . but if you sort em out properly then it is pretty straight forward . i zero at 35 yards . every thing is up from there . on my schmidt and bender PM11 , 0 is 35 yards on turn one . 8 yards is three and a half on turn two in the top tiurret window . or i can use the bloody marvelos ret to shoot on . but i love dialing . so that is what i do ??? HOLLY PS 35 30 and 25 yards are all taken on the setting 0 IE zero .
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