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Originally Posted by Daveclark View Post
So you can use any zero? I usually use 25 yds, then turret only goes up, never had it that high so just wondered how it would effect it, clicks wise, 1/4 clicks aswell!!
Hi Dave,

What Rob's saying is you should do exactly the same with your new scope height as you have been doing with your old setup, ie. zero at the point where you only have to dial up. The fact that you have your scope higher will move that point further along the trajectory of the pellet, probably to around 35 - 36yds. If you zero at 25yds with the scope as high as you now have it you will have to dial down for distances between 25 and 35yds.

The effect it has is that it will reduce the number of clicks between distances further out, thereby giving a slightly larger margin for error, but there will be lots more clicks between distances closer in!



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