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Default To all members of the 4 clubs

As was said this afternoon what a great competition between club members of the four clubs ,we have had over 390 people in the 4 events and members who have never shot anywhere than their home ground , it must be a big plus .with all shoots set to UKAHFT rules it can only be good for any-one thinking of enteing rnext years UKers ,and so the shooterrs evolve .
I would like to thank the organizers or the 4 clubs for getting this competition off the ground and feel it will go from strenth to strenth.
If any-one has any plans to better this competition for next year please see your club rep and if its decided its for the good of the competition we will give it a go ,but please remember this was devised for club members to visit other clubs and have a bit of a competition.
So well done to all that shot in the series and we hope to see you and many others next year
cheers Ian
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