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Got my T50 last week, mounted it on the Styer rail with high Leupold QRW's.
First impression it's a decent scope, sf smooth without play, turrets have a good click.
The reticle is a bit thicker than the BN3, but not disturbing.
At 50x it can focus to 9 mtr. Yesterday and today marked a sidewheel, it's a modified BN3 125mm wheel. SF diameter is just above 44mm, so bigger than the BN3 diameter of 42mm.
On the BN3 i had just under 10mm between 40-50mtr on the wheel, the T50 has 12mm.
Positive is that the DG scope enhancer is further over the oculair part regarding the BN3, so it is more fixed and can hardly move.
At 50x it looks like it has less contrast, but at lower settings the image is very good.
Rangefinding is easy, snap-in snap-out of focus, even when not on 50x.
On the Steyr weaver rail the turret is on the lower part of the range, so not perfect in the centre of the optics, shimming on the front might be worth a try.
Inmo it is good value for money and for sure a good competitor of the BN3.
Tomorrow I will use it for the first time in a FT shoot, after several years BN's.
To be continued....
Steyr LG110 FT
Now only learn how to shoot....
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