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Rob, [quote] Good stuff, cos a 10-40 that cuts the mustard for FT for 399 is great for the sport.

Hit the nail on the head there Rob, a lot of guys who would like to compete in FT get put off by the price of a usable FT scope, the diamond used to be the boy but at close to 700 quid now thats a non starter, and its ok to say buy second hand but your taking a risk parting with 250 for a scope with no warranty!

Been using these in comp and testing for over a year now, and I can honstly say I have not misranged a target with one, missed pleny of shots because of wind and being a plonker but the scopes never let me down.

its very easy to use and if you use it at 40x mag I find it even easier, the picture brightness and clarity increases considerably at 40x over 50x, even though at 50x it's brighter than either of the two diamonds we test it against

I recently bought a Bushnell for my HW77 simply because its nigh on impossible to load with a 60mm scope on it, the Bushnell has a slightly sharper image but its much more difficult and slower to rangefind with in the 45- 55yd region than the Falcon, of the two I would plump for the Falcon every time, only thing I dont like on the falcon is the spigots that the turrets sit on its a fiddly job making sure the turret stays square when nipping up the grub screws after a reset!

in regard to shift, I first set the scope up at -1deg C and it stayed true untill about 10-12 deg C, then I did get a shift of approx 2 yds, once reset I saw no more shift, however the temps over the summer never went over 20-22deg C at the comps I attended.
in dark conditions I have seen a possible shift at 50x but not at 40x , but I get that with all scopes including the Bushnell so I think its more likely my eyes?

I hope it works out for Nick as I have never dealt with a manufacturer whos so interested in the detail of what you have to report, he has sent me several scopes at one point I had 4 here, and every niggle bar the turret spigots (which he is hoping to sort in future) have been adressed.


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