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that would be 10-50 rob i havent really done a propper test yet not yet marked the wheel etc but all i can say from what i have done so far would be a compearable test against my best nikko in repect of optics in low light and how much darker they go from 10 --- 50 mag i would say the falcon has it ,, to put this in context if some one came to me and said heres a scope for 399 quid that will perform as good if not better than a nikko and give you ten year warranty i would of course say yes please ,, i looked through a bush 8-32 the other day a very respectable FT scope as you would agree ,, reduce the mag down to that on the falcon and its a lot brighter even to around 45 mag i just hope when i mark up the wheel it ranges consistantly and stays there from light to dark ,hot to cold etc because thats all it needs to do no need for a mega image and mega price tag

steyr lg100 barley twist nikko 60
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