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the forgotten junior sums it in a nutshell....every junior shooting in field target needs encourageing whether with silver ware,medals,cash,pellets,gun sponsorship,scopes etc etc etc.....its hard enough adults traveling god knows how many miles trying to compete,concentrate generally take the future,i,ve heard that load of shite for 10 years now,all this sport has done has chased away most of them,i,ve sat and watched countless talented juniors leave,they weren,t the future they were just kids beeting adults and it upset them....they weren,t embrased or encouraged,they were shown the basics and it was hoped they wouldn,t beet you...i could name a dozen top junior shooters with the right encouragement should have been world beeters,but instead left without argument and wren,t even missed...airgun shooting is aimed at grown men looking for a hobby and spend a grand on a gun and scope....luckily there is a john costello and i hope mitch tomes follows suit and sticks it out,then field target may be able to say the kids are the future...i strongly beleive every competeing junior needs a medal and not just a couple of quid trinket,but something they can treasure and strive for......BFTA dig deep and spend a few quid and step up to the mark,if you want british world beeters try by spending a few quid and encourageing talent.....
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