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Talking Luck .

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
lol, is the IOW in a different time zone to the rest of the UK. Are you going to make it Andy? If not, have you cancelled your booking?

Funny, thaught I was saying the same thing to you last year? As you well know, My NJR is off for a sevice. If it were back, I would be using it in Hft down Swefta way as it is.
This is the GP year of the Ev!
Shall be cutting back a bit between today and Sunday to make sure those high tawd Tree shots are not too uncomftable. Hobnobs i think will be safe.
Quite relaxed after Gp1 it has to be said. Showdown badge on the hat etc.
How long before you secure your 2011 Badge? If it all??
Keeping in front of berty? who knows. I did what i wanted to at gp 1 so no real worries this season now, just holding my own in AA would be nice this year? And of course Holly Hammering all season long
You have used up all your luck for this year simon in one day . the PRESSURE is now on you to do it for the rest of the GPs or be considered a flash in the pan ., get the hob nobs ready ??? HOLLY
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