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Default Tweak here, tweak there

Originally Posted by rich View Post
Rob, the format is very flexible, so in answer to the question would we change anything, maybe. Nothing important stood out as needing change, but I'd like to see a variation in 2012 from this year's events, possibly.
The turnout was lower than we had hoped for, 23 shooting. We had capacity for up to 40. The bottleneck will be any event that only one person at a time can shoot. For example, the speed shoot. We allowed 3 minutes from scope to eye to knock down 20 sils, seated, 20 yards or so, and four people beat the three minute barrier and were placed according to their times taken. By the time the person has made themselves comfortable, laid out a line of pellets, shot for 3 minutes and then got up to make way for the next person, you have to say 5 minutes minimum. 40 people at 5 minutes is getting on for four hours, so the kit is on full utilisation all day. One change we might make would be to trim that to two minutes, then I defy anyone to clear 20 shots and get 20 hits.

Our scores lady preferred to use pencil and paper to a spreadsheet, and for 23 entries that was feasible but with 40 entries, the adding up at the end would take too long if it was done manually.

We put up a mesh barrier to enclose the LSR area with a dual purpose, to quell the wind and hopefully to allow a marshal to go and change target cards without having to blow a whistle. The mesh barrier was not pellet-proof so maybe next time we would try a different layout to obviate too many whistles.

In terms of value for money, a day's shooting involving five events plus breakfast and a hot lunch and all the tea and coffee you can drink, for a tenner, even if you don't win a cash prize, I don't think it was expensive...... We could have upped the gate money and put more into the cash prizes but asking much more than a tenner at the door might turn some folk away.

I thaught the whole day was superb, very relaxing and although i was at times trying, it was nice to think that what ever i scored would not count /matter for any champs / Gp this coming sunday etc.

Starting witht he entry. 10 for 5 events and the food, bargain.
Hope the club made a few out of it but 10 was about right for me as entry?
I am sure there would have been nmore Wafta shooters down if this event had not clashed with a Wafta summer round.

LSR. Maybe if it had been placed where the Egg shoot was, sectioned off it could have meant a marshall would not have had to stop shooting to change cards?

Rat shoot- cant fault it. However, if you had charged 10p for every swear word on the rat shoot firing line i would have come home skint, infact probably would not have been able to cross the bridge lol. Top side shoot.

Speed shoot. Can you get / borrow another set of sillys and place them side by side or make some sort of rack for them as with the set you have? No need to cut time then?

Ft - I take it you use the platforms on every shoot? Found that sitting / being up that bit higher did expose you more to the wind and thus i took longer to shoot than i normally would. I know if the wind was not so strong it would not have been the case. The 20 yard white stander, i must have taken well over 1 min trying to get on that kill but was being blown so much in the end even i got board and just pulled the trigger lol

HFT - I really liked the idea of Humain HFT. 3 points for kill, 0 for missing the plate / not taking shot and -1 for wounding the animal / striking the plate.
However, when taking some of the longer shots i was not sure i would hit them and thaught to myself if this were live quarry i would not shoot now. But, as it was only -1 off my score i took a chance. However, if it had meant -3 i would not have taken some of the shots?
Maybe -3 or -4 for wounding?? Would certainly make me consider my shot more?

Top day out however and really hope it runs next year?
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