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Just back at work in Holland......bloody tired but content after the weekend.

A massive thanks to all at Juniper green for a well hosted event , beautiful surroundings and 2 very good courses. It was great to feel the hospitality of all the Scots (the banter was a giggle) and great to shoot round with Scott and Cameron.

BUT, i have to say that you lot were rinsed.......good style. The English turn up with 8 shooters and they all just happen to shoot brilliantly over the 2 courses. Chilly's PB of 59 on the first course along with a cluster of 58's stitched that one up nicely and then my 59 and Lanky Marks 58 (plus a cluster of strong high 50's) did the second course as well.

The Jocks didn't know what hit them

Nice idea by Chilly to have a small whisky toast to Deon at the end......R.I.P deon, i'm sure you were there laughing your arse off at some of the banter...maybe you were re-incarnated as one of those bloody horrible midges that seemd to chomp on th English Dutch work mates have already asked me what the marks on my forehead are
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