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Default A good day of fun

It was a long day out, but worth it in so many ways.

Not been to the ground before but thankfully was told today was windy day!

LSR. It took me my first three shoots to get the hang of it, so card 1 was practice. Card two and it was not bad.
dont know what to say next however. Our Jelly Fish usually cant hit Barn doors standing. So there we are, 20 yards and he somehow (Fluke) puts in a super group to score 47. When i went if for the rather tasty Bacon roll i spied his score and that he had beat me (45) but thaught I would forget to tell him. Too late, he had peeked and was in full song after the first event.
Well done young man.

The rat shoot

See vidieo

It looked easy, think it was 16 ish yards. However, on fixed x35 all i saw was the rats arse as it flashed across my scopes view. Fluked 1 but laughed so much at this shoot it was almost the highlight of the day. Jelly Fish fluked one despite only shooting on 10 mag.
Borrowed the TMNJR and thaught on x10 mag i would nail them,( just a practise go.)
Missed all 5!
Jelly fish did the same, but claimed to have hit the last one. So I pulled the rat back up to the half way point, its "still" and all Jelly fish has to do is hit it. 16 yards, big plate, "still", no worries for the LSR champ? Nope, missed it not only once, but twice. This was the funniest moment of a very enjoyable day. He did hit it, only when resting the gun on the wood support.

The speed shoot. Managed to take this despite missing once while rushing an early shot and not having enough pellets out ready. Reckon i should have been about 5 seconds quicker.


Blue was worth the most in each lane but you did not know how much it was worth in each lane?
followed by white with Red being 1 point.

Good format, something different. Hit 14 ex 20 in old Ft money but was a way clear of runner up, I guess because i hit more Blue targets than any other?

Mighty wind, no hope on a 20 yard stander as it was gusting really strong, but very enjoyable Ft shoot.

Jelly Fish wobble in the wind


We had to borrow a HFt gun, left handed, no idea of aim ponts but off we went with a bit of educated guessing and luck. First time for jelly fish and me at Hft, we took them all kneeling as apposed to sitting though. The use of the post was interesting, makes it a much steadier shot. It Felt like cheating at times lol

Jelly fish still missed though, the plate twice lol

Top organisation, big thanks to the young ladies manning stats and food.
Bacon rolls + tea for Brecky, Sausage casserole for lunch and tea and cake to finish,
all for 10. Bargain.

Please run again next year


Really good to see Famousy shooters there.

This is Joseph from the Andrew Lloyd webber show in London, i think.

Either that or someone on E-bay had a really good laugh at Alex'es expense!

I might have forgotten to mention i won!

Really made my day being presented with the trophy, topped off a really enjoyable trip travelling home with a little piece of Silver wear, Money was handy to help cover costs but the trophy is an everlasting reminder of a top day.

Well done to all.
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