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Thanks for the kind remarks, chaps.

Here's the match report. (I hope the forum will format the layout OK.)

Despite the weather forecasters’ threat of rain – which actually held off all day - Shebbear’s shooting pentathlon event attracted 23 competitors, and thank you all for your support; we hope you enjoyed the day.

First event was some LSR standing shooting at 20 yards, five shots in a card, two cards, the better one to count.

Second event was the running rat. The shooter calls pull, the marshal tugs the release cord and a rat is catapulted along a track, launched by a bungee cord. All you had to do was to shoot it before it got to its refuge just over a metre away, and the range was only 15 yards. It looked ever so simple but was frustratingly elusive.

Third event was a speed shoot, a set of silhouettes all at 20 yards, rams worth 1, pigs worth 3, turkeys 5 and chickens 7. Knock them all down or score as much as you can, in three minutes.

FT with a twist was the fourth event; choose which two targets (out of three) to shoot on each lane, the more difficult ones being worth more than the easy ones.

The last event was humane HFT, scoring 3 for a knockdown but losing one point for a faceplate. That meant some tactical shooting; do I go for it or play safe and miss completely?

A tenner for entry meant everyone had free breakfast and lunch, and free tea and coffee all day. And there were modest cash prizes for the individual event winners and a cash prize and a trophy for the overall winner.

Here are the winners – as you will see it became a battle royal between Tondu and Dartmoor Marksmen.!

LSR – Garth Rees 1st
Chris Jones 2nd
Simon Evans 3rd=
Rich Clark 3rd =

Running Rat –
Damian Hewings 1st
Andrew White 2nd
John Farbrother 3rd=
Peter Montanez 3rd =

Speed Shoot
Simon Evans 1st
Chris Glover 2nd
Alec Gibbs 3rd

Simon Evans 1st
Trevor Bray 2nd
Peter Montanez 3rd

Damian Hewings 1st
Alec Gibbs 2nd
Simon Evans 3rd

In every event we gave the winner 100 points, the second got 99, and so on. Then we totted up the points to find the overall winners.

Simon Evans 1st 487
Damian Hewings 2nd 473
Alec Gibbs 3rd 471
Rich Clark 4= 470
Chris Jones 4= 470
Garth Rees 6th 469
Peter Montanez 7th 467
Chris Glover 8th 466
Trevor Bray 9th 461
Bill Hartnoll 10th 460

Damian also won the speed pistol sideshoot competition, hitting five targets in well under three seconds.

The long distance sideshoot egg on a pole (76 yards) was hit 3 or 4 times, well done to Chris Glover (who became a teenager a couple of weeks ago) for hitting the egg with his very first shot. Chris was also only two seconds behind Simon Evans in clearing the speed shoot.

It was a novel format, it was meant to be a bit of fun, no league points, no showdown places at stake, just a bit of fun, which is what we all do it for, really.

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