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Default Newbury PM List

Ok PM LIST Below
ARE YOU MISSING or ARE you in the wrong squad

Geoff Ames
Richard Baker
William Baskeyfield
Mark Bassett
Clinton Bedding
Vince Blackman
Alex Boddy
Roy Boliver
Matthew Brewer
Dean Burfoot
Ian Burton
Andy Calpin
Karl Clarke
John Costello jnr
Dave Croucher
Michael J. Davies
Jerry Dowdall
Anthony Elderfield
Daniel Eley
Michael Elliot
Steve Essam
Dorian Falconer
Agnes Fekete-Moro
Andras Fekete-Moro
Andy Finnigan
Phil Gee
Tim Goodall
Tom Gould
Mark Gregory
Neil Hague
Ian Harford
Dave Harrison
David Hatfield
Geoff Hawes
Simon Higgins
Paul Holland
Stephen James
Gareth James
Anthony Johnson
Dean Jukes
Mick Kelly
Stephanie Kirkwood
Chris Large
Phil Lawrence
Neale Marklew
Len Maule
Barry McDonald
Peter Montanez
Nick Murphy
Glenn Newman
Beryl Noon
Jonathan Noon
Pat O'Connell
James Osborne
Hugh Osborne
Pat Osborne
Steve Page
Chris Price
Stephen Privett
Mathew Rainbow
Melvyn Read
Nathan Reeve
Alan Reeve
Philip Riches
David Robinson
Neil Rogers
Trevor Ryan
Mark Shepherd
Barry Smith
Mark Stenton
Ian Stoddart
Val Szulc
Ian Taylor
Mitchell Tomes
Darren Tomes
Mick Tromans
Mark Wilson
Josh Wilson
Andrew Winch
Mick Winstanley
Keith Worboyes

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