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Default A thought provoking letter from an infantry unit in Afghanistan

This is the first of two letters that arrived today from Afghanistan, the first being from a soldier in an Infantry unit. The 2nd is from a Royal Marine. These Bluey's are always a pleasure to receive for Cliff and myself, because it lets us know our last consignment of morale parcels have arrived safely and as can be seen from what is written below in these letters they are certainly well received by our troops at the sharp end.

All the parcels in the last 7 deliveries (in the region of 450 parcels) have been funded by the Northwest based HFT comp designed to fund such deliveries, The Troops Trophy. I hope this gets over to the reader how important such fund raising competitions are to our soldiers serving in Afghanistan and always will be.

So a big thankyou to all who supported the Troops Trophy 2010/11 . The following letter is very thought provoking ALBEIT SHORT and highlights just how important these little tastes of home are to our lads and lasses at the front.

Our unit recently received a delivery of parcels from you
and your partner (Cliff) and I just wanted to express our gratitude for all the hard work you have
already put in and continue to put in. Its always nice to know that people back home
actually give a damn instead of turning up to our homecoming
parade calling us murderers and baby killers and whatever other crap they come
out with. The parcels we receive from you are
a massive morale boost (esspecially to blokes who don't receive much mail), so if you and other
folks like you back home could continue your hard work it would be greatly
appreciated and certainly matters to us.

Once again many thanks


And the boys from # ####### mortar platoon.

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