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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
For years I have denied that pellets move up and down in the breeze... because there's been very good more likely reasons why that should happen when i've seen it happen...but after yesterday I am willing to admit they might move... still not convinced they may move as much as some thing, or that it's the sole reason that people shoot high or low, which I think is largely range/shift driven.
Glad you felt up to admitting to this.

I long ago became convinced that there is an effect to the vertical POI as a result of strong winds. I found this out when Cornwall FTC was based on an old mine site on a 600 foot hill with line of sight to both the Atlantic and the English Channel. The firing points were reasonably sheltered but downrange was open to the full effect of the wind.

Finding the pellets being pushed up an down as well as laterally was not unusual.
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