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Arrow Ok ok...


Obviously some had better days than others, some thought some things and some said some things... and in between somewhere was a shoot which plenty took time and effort to pit together and plenty turned up to have a go at beating.

So to bring that bit to the fore, i've dabbled in a bit of light editing of the thread.

If you had a post removed, edited or left standing it doesn't mean i've made a judgement on it, it's purely been done for ease on the eye. (it hasn't been made easier by my browser having it's own hissy fit)

Nothing wrong with pre and post match banter and a micky take, but I would suggest that there is a line that once crossed is better taken out of the public eye so it doesn't get too tangled or amplified to the detriment of the big idea which is to go and have a good shoot with some good company.

Now i'm no better than you lot at this either, i've been known to send a shot when i'm wobbling out of the kill, and instead of breaking the shot and rebuilding my position in a calm manner, i've given that trigger a good old yank...

So i've left this thread open... in the hope that there's more photo evidence that HFT's like to wear skirts even if they are camo. But don't get Dave too aroused now...

That is all...
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