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Originally Posted by popsheep View Post
our last 3 OPEN shoots HFT only
ist Sunday in MARCH 64 people turned up
1st Sunday in April 91 people turned up
1st sunday in May 56 people turned up
First sunday in June we are holding the FAcup of HFT [your showdown]
August a double header Saturday and Sunday with up to 400 shooters
Can it get any better bring it on I say
We at Mad are having no problem with people turning up to our shoots ,I know you once shot a HFt competition with that bloody great big stock at our place so come along and have shoot on me FT style if you like ,we would love to see you and the burgers are on the hotplate just how you like em
cheers Ian
To me a open . should be within a hour and a half's drive . so anything around london will see me there . ian the thought of a burger will def get me down to mad as long as i can shoot my FT rifle . when is the next informal shoot ??? HOLLY
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