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Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post
The theory could be sound on that the air pressure would size them. But having a think over a cuppa this afternoon, if the pellet head and skirt are not concentric to each other then it may 'throw' off the pellet. Considering when I measured a number of pellets the skirt is usually on average 0.15mm bigger than the head. Such as in JSB 4.52's I have measured the average head size to be 4.495mm and the skirt 4.62mm.
Good point, I have often wondered when I have measured pellets, just where the 4.52 is in a 4.52? The die might be but the pellets ain't, same goes for all the other head sizes.

Only time the measurement will be right, it seems, is when they go through a sizer. Unless you're sizing down to 4.48 for Walthers, the head won't get much of a squeeze, just the skirts.

Time for Kieran to visit Ryan, I reckon
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