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Default Checking the rifle out today

With the return of my ripper yesterday I spent a few hours today at the club.

Weather conditions not ideal with gusts of wind to 20mph but decided to give a variety of pellets a go to if they would group well and try shooting on different mags. Was doing my shooting off a rifle rest and bench as I wanted to remove the wind moving me about out of the equation.

Well, I shot some good pellet and some bad pellets as well all at 50yds. Paper targets I used where NRA 50yd Smallbore Rfle (1 sighter target above 4 others A-23/5 is the number on them) as the 9, 10 and X rings are 45, 20 and 10mm respectively and the club has a large number of these around .

Anyway, whilst shooting I have come to the conclusion that the rubber eyepiece I am using is a fraction to long (about 10mm) which is forcing my eye away from the correct place.

Well the picture below is a group of 10 shots I managed to shoot, the aim point being on the right hand edge of the black (7 ring)
The 2 odd flyers are both when my eye was not in the correct place. Will be getting a newer rubber eyepiece this week that allows me to get my eye in the right place, problem with wearing glasses. Can not use contacts as make eyes very bloodshot (like I been drinking a lot).

As you might have guessed I am proud of what I know I can achieve. Pellets for this group were JSB 4.52s weighed to fall with the 8.3-8.5g range.
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